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NABAY Coverboy Interview: bjenerousOur second International Coverboy Interview is now online!

We got an email from bjenerous a while ago, asking if we would accept non-Japanese models. Of course, we accept people of any color, nationality, or creed. Though, due to the discreet nature of our business, we must ask that you be at least eighteen years old before you apply.

Bjenerous is, as his name suggests, a laid back, generous, warm-hearted guy. He's got a great outlook on life, and just reading his words instills a sense of inner peace.

Astute readers might have noticed that we skipped Coverboy File #013… ;-)

NABAY Coverboy Interview: RyogaA new NABAY Coverboy interview is now online!

Ryoga is a transguy living in Osaka who is not only struggling with GID, but with a congenital condition as well. He worries about how his transition is going to affect his family, and shares his dreams for the future.

But despite this, he maintains a positive outlook on life and hopes everyone else can learn to live happily.

NABAY Coverboy Interview: Makoto ReturnsOur very first NABAY Coverboy Interviewee has come back to give us an update on his life!

Makoto Returns to our offices with a brand new look and a brand new plan for his future.

Be sure to find out what he's up to and how he's progressing with his transition!

NABAY Information ImagesWe've listened to our customers' suggestions, and we've finally been able to put up some before and after pictures of our NABAY nabeshirts on our NABAY Information page.

If you've been confused as to how they work, or what the actual effects look like, be sure to take a look and see.

Special thanks to two of our loyal customers who sent us a slew of great photos to use!

NABAY Coverboy: SouSou (pronounced Sō) is one of our earliest customers and supporters, and we were finally able to get him to come in and give us an interview.

He's a guy who's been transitioning for quite a while now, so he has a lot of experience with life and work as a transguy.

Now that his transition is almost finished, find out about his final worries, especially when it comes to his lovelife!

flatOne, the All-in-One NABAYHave you always wondered what that flatOne picture is on our sidemenu?

Well, wonder no more, as we've updated our site with a detailed description of flatOne. Our own staff posed for pictures to show you how it fits, and it's full of reasons why flatOne might be right for you!

We've also added a DISCOUNTS AND REBATES page to highlight current money saving ways to purchase our shirts! If you've always thought NABAYs were just a bit too expensive, be sure to check it out.