Mii came in with his lovely girlfriend to answer some questions for our interview. He was nervous about giving an interview, but he relaxed as he spoke, and by the time he left, they were both all smiles.

Thank you for coming. I'd like to ask you a few questions today. Shall we begin?


FTM Coverboy: MiiFirst off, I'd like to ask you about your sexual identity. How do you identify? Are you transgender? Transsexual? Lesbian?

I find I don't really pay much attention to it. But if, for example, on an application form, there's a section for gender, I usually just circle the / between the M/F. I don't really think I'm either.

Do you think you're neuter?

Right. But I would like to become a man.

So, even though you are neuter, if you had to make a decision, you would call yourself male? Of course, you don't have to make a choice, but do you think you are transgender?

Yeah, if I had to, I'd say male. Right now my biggest problem is just my chest. I'm okay with the rest of it.

For work and such, as much as we'd like to just circle the slash between the M and F, a lot of times that kind of behavior is frowned upon. Right now, at work, how are you identified?

Right now I'm listed as female.

A lot of people really hate those kind of distinctions, but there are probably just as many people who, in order to adapt to society, just sort of accept it.

It must take a lot of courage to live as a transsexual and get surgery. But for those who can't or won't have surgery, it must take so much willpower. And even then, our mindset changes as we get older.

I hate to ask, but how old are you?

I'm 24.

Ah, so you're at the point where you are really starting to think about your future. Do you have any plans for surgery in the future?

Well, I haven't completely researched all my options yet, but I'm thinking I'd like to have my chest done, just for myself. But I still have some things to resolve before I can move ahead on that...

You're not at the point where you're thinking definitely yet... But currently you don't seem to be suffering too much from it.

That's thanks to my nabeshirt.

Thank you! And are you wearing one now?

Yeah, it's GunMetal. I heard it was a rare color. [Laughs]

Ah, yes, that was limited edition, and we aren't selling it anymore. I have a fondness for it myself.


FTM Coverboy: MiiChanging topics for a second, what do you do for work?

I work at a bakery. I don't bake the bread; I just sell it.

Ah... do you have to wear a uniform for that?

I hated my old uniform! It was a pink polo shirt with an apron and headscarf. But now they changed it to a general chef's uniform, so it's okay.

And how is work?

I work from 7am until 9 at night. On average, I spend about 12 or 13 hours standing up.

That sounds really difficult. You work there full time?

Right. At first I was just a part-time worker... I have almost no vacation anymore...

That really must be difficult. What kind of salary do you get? [Laughs]

Meh, not too bad...

And how long have you been working there?

Since I was a senior in college, so about 3 years now?

Why did you start working full-time?

My superiors liked me and they offered me a promotion. I didn't quite have the confidence at the time to become a full-time employee, so I turned them down once. But as time went on, I found myself in a position of authority anyways, so I figured that I might as well become full-time. Better benefits and all.

Also, I didn't really have anything else to do, so I thought, "What the hell..."

And, for your application, though you didn't do anything we could say is bad, did you have any hurdles you had to go over? Any kind of guilt about your real self and your self at work?

Not really, no. I started part-time, and everyone just got used to it.

That's really great information! As a transgendered person, just find a place you'd like to work, and if you can start as a part-timer, then you might just be able to become a full-time valued employee!

Definitely. I started off at recruitment fairs and getting interviews that way. I really didn't want to wear a skirt or anything ladylike, so I went in pants. I wanted to wear a necktie as well, but that might be a bit too much.

And that's how you ended up at your current job? Do you have plans to stay there indefinitely?

I usually just circle the slash between the M/F.

Eh... I'm not so sure about that...

I see! [Laughs]

I'm doing a lot of thinking right now. I originally wanted to be a truck driver. So, I figured I'd work at the bakery until I'm 25, then start looking for something else. But I'll already turn 25 in two weeks...

It's coming along slowly, but last year I took a test to get my truck driver's license. I've come this far, but now... I'm in a good environment, or at least something I'm familiar with.

At first, with my pink uniform, I really hated it and wanted to change to a job where I didn't have to deal with a uniform, so I thought about driving a truck. But now I don't think I have the determination to go through with it all the way. I'm kind of worried.

And what does your girlfriend say about it?

GF: I don't think he can continue working like this forever. It's hard on his body, and we have no free time together.

If there's something he wants to do, I'll help him look for it together, but he keeps saying there's nothing in particular. So I wonder if maybe I should just start looking for him myself.

He's so busy these days that he doesn't have time to look for anything. I just have to wait until I get some free time, as well...

True. If you don't have time, it's hard to think of anything. You have to feed yourself and pay your bills before you can start anything new.

When I think about that, I think that maybe my position right now isn't so bad. [Laughs]

I see. So, currently, the main focus of your life is just working?

Right. I want to live together with my girlfriend, so I figure that I need to make enough for two people at least.

Do you have any particular interests?

Well, I'd like to try a few things, but work has been so busy...

Such as?

I've always been really into music. In school, I played trumpet in the band. But I haven't touched it in a while. I kind of regret that I haven't been able to continue it.

Other than that... well, I'm thinking about it. I'd like to find just one particular thing that I'm really good at and stick with it. That would probably be the best.

Yeah, I want to get back into music.

Anything else you are into?

I really like driving. As long as it's not raining, I'll go anywhere in my car or on my bike.

You have a car and a motorcycle? Maintenence bills must really add up...

That they do... [Laughs]

And what would you really like to have?

Ah, well, I feel like most of the things I really want, I buy when I need them. I have a car... For example, I went on a trip recently, and I just impulsively bought a GPS for it...

GF: And before that, you just bought a new bike!

When did this happen?

Now... about a year and a half ago.

At first, I had a DragStar, and after that I wanted a car. At the time, my work would have been really difficult without a car, so I traded it in. And then after that, I wanted a bike again. So I bought a new one.

Are you doing okay with loans? [Laughs]

I'm okay. I'm done with bikes for now. All I have is a car right now.


Changing topics again, do your parents know?

Yeah, they know everything. Well, not everything, but...

Actually, I got found out by my parents. So we ended up having a long talk about a lot of things. The only one who spoke up for me was my sister. She's ten years younger than me, and was in elementary school at the time. She looked like she didn't really know what was going on, though.

But I think they don't approve.

But you said you got found out. What do you mean?

Well, I was in my house having kind of a fight with an old girlfriend. My sister and her boyfriend came in to see what all the noise was, and I think they both probably figured out what was happening.

I was planning on telling my parents, but I got outed that way instead. Well, I guess the outcome is the same, either way.

I see. I guess there are good points and bad points to either way of it happening.

So finally, what do you think about for your future?

I'd like to get married. My girlfriend is still in college, so we aren't living together, but I've moved to be closer to her. So now I'm just waiting for her graduation.

Significant Other

With all this talk of marriage and career, we decided that we had to interview Mii's girlfriend as well to see the perspective of the partner of a transgendered person.

How do you two get along?

We get along fine. He's really kind and all, but he doesn't think of things on his own.

What do you mean by that?

He just doesn't like to get up and do things, I guess. If we have a fight, he doesn't try to understand my point of view. Instead, he just says "Ok, whatever," and that's the end of it. He just stays angry. He'll just go off alone until he can cool off.

Like a strict father, I suppose. Kind of a "because I have to raise my kids well" feeling?

In that case, I'm okay with that as well. But we haven't really built up a household as of yet, much less kids. [Laughs]

I see. Well, it sounds like he's working hard to become a responsible man.

So, tell us, how did you fall in love?

Mii and his girlfriendWe started out as email penpals. I was seeing someone at the time, but my partner was always busy with work. So when we could be together, I always focused all my energy on her, at the expense of my other friendships.

She finally told me to go out and find some new friends, but she had already put my profile up on a friendship website for me.

I see. I'm not sure if you could call that Fate, but it definately does have something mystical about it.

And finally, how about yourself? What is your philosophy of life (if that's not too much of an exaggeration...)?

I'm not sure what kind of experiences I'll have or how my mindset will change in the future, but in a single moment, I want to live as truly and honestly as I can.

Thank you, Mii, for your interview, and also for letting us speak with your girlfriend. Hopefully, your story will give some insight to other transsexual and transgendered couples.

We'd like to hear your inspiring life stories and how you've managed to live and love as a transman.

If you feel inspired to tell your story, just contact us here and we can set up an interview with you, either in person or through email.