Our next coverboy is one of our very own employees — "Shinta"!

FTM Model -- ShintaShinta has smooth, tan skin and brown hair, giving him a fresh and relaxed look. Usually, he works as a delivery driver for our company, so he's not too familiar with our trans goods and websites, but we were able to catch him today after he finished his deliveries and ask him a few questions!

We got him to talk about his present self first.

"Um.. hi, I'm Shinta. I haven't gotten a name change yet. I'm still getting all the materials and paperwork together. If I go to counselling and get a written diagnosis from my doctor, it seems like it should all be pretty simple though.

I started counselling in about... July? of last year. So that would make it now almost a year since I started.

I'm 25, but a lot of people think I'm much younger than that..."

Coming Out

"I've come out already to most of the people I know. The first person I came out to was the girl I was dating.

Her main problem was that, until that point, though she didn't see me as a woman, she didn't see me as a man, either.

So, at exactly that time, there was a GID drama on TV, and I explained just like the character Kinpachi — "This is who I am..."

And then I came out to my friends, and finally to my parents.

I was also in counselling at the time, and I had started hormone treatment. People couldn't help but think that I was taking a huge risk."

And how did you explain it to them?

"That I am, spiritually and emotionally, a man.

It came as a huge shock to my mother.

It wasn't like that with my father, though. He already knew a little about gender identity disorder, and so it seemed like he already kind of knew what was happening. My mother didn't notice it at all.

Right now, I'm living by myself near my family's house.

I think I realized who I am when I was in junior high. I thought "I know I don't like women as a woman." So it was a bit confusing...And though I didn't know what to call it, I did know that I wasn't a woman.

And when I was about 20, I learned about transsexuality and GID. It was at a spa on a school trip. Of course, I hadn't come out at school, and I wasn't thought of as a man yet...

It was definately a stimulating experience as I could check out all the nooks and crannies of the girls...

I went to a really small school, so it was hard to find people similar to me, or people the same age as me. Really boring..."


"I met my first girlfriend at work. Whenever she came near me, I always got nervous and wished she would notice me...

In the end we broke up. She liked to drink too much, and I don't drink at all. I was thinking of marriage at one point, but now... well, I don't have any regrets about it.

And up until now, I haven't dated anyone else, and I'm not seeing anyone else. ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!!!

My type is... well, cutesy is definately not my type.

The girls I think are cute end up not being thought so by others, so a lot of people think I have strange tastes, I guess.

I like girls who are the same age or older than me. And cheerful girls who are able to take care of themselves! I like a girl who can think for herself and have her own ideas about where she wants to go and what she wants to do.

If I were to name a celebrity... maybe Akiko Yada."


"I've had so many jobs... I worked at a pachinko parlor with my ex for a year, and though it was tough, I really liked it. I've also worked at a video rental shop, a paint store, as a painter, setting rebar, at a bar, working a cash register...

I started here after I saw your website. I saw a help wanted ad for a delivery driver, and though I didn't have any professional driving experience, I'd always wanted to try it, so I just jumped in and applied.

My job is to deliver materials and products to other stores. Everyday, I deliver to different stores, so the route is always changing. It's a bit challenging to try to remember all the streets!

I think I've gotten used to it, though.

My dream is to start my own trucking company...

...but then, why does it have to be my own company...

...I don't know.

I'm still working on figuring out what I want to do.

Usually, I try to go to the beach in Chiba every week. But lately, I've just been mellowing around my house, or at my parents' house.

Most of my friends are transmen, and then next is girls. I don't really seem to have any hetero men friends.

I often happen to find trans friends on the internet, and if, by chance, they are in the area, I get introduced to them and we just start hanging out.

I guess it's because we can understand each other better, and, well, transguys are really funny!"


"I started taking hormone treatments on my own. I'm 24, I've been in counselling for a year, and I thought I should start.

I really wanted my voice to change the most. My voice used to be really high. And I wanted more bodyhair.

Once I started hormone treatments, my body got bigger and wider.

I've also put on a lot of weight. I wonder if I'll be able to lose that...

Other than that, I think a lot depends on the person, but one thing that's changed is that I've stopped having my period.

My leg and facial hair have also definately gotten thicker. My voice has dropped a few octaves as well. If you take hormones for a year, your voice gets pretty low.

My sex drive is... well, it's out of control!

I guess that's the effect of the testosterone.

For about half a year, it seemed like nothing was happening, but after that, things got going, and I stopped paying much attention."


"First, I had to write a short biography. Growing up when I was little, what my kindergarten was like, all that. Then continuing on to elementary school.

After that, I did some kind of IQ test. They asked about numbers, and I had to say them back in reverse. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 became 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. After a while it got really difficult!

When I asked them the point of these tests, they told me that they were just checking to make sure I didn't have a brain disorder or anything.

I'd already been binding my chest, and when I turned 22 I started using nabeshirts.
I used a different brand at first, and it was so tight! I could hardly breathe!

But now I'm using NABAY nabeshirts.

Before I started wearing nabeshirts, I just wore really big clothes and tried to make my chest as inconspicuous as possible, but now I'm happy to be able to wear even tanktops with no worries.

My chest is tiny, but I still don't like it. I want to get surgery.

My chest and my genitals. I want to get the whole thing done.

For the mastectomy, I've already laid down the groundwork to get it done at Saitama Medical, but they don't do genital reconstruction there, so I'm thinking of having it done overseas. Maybe Thailand...

I also want to get a name change. A lot of trans friends of mine are happy just to get their chests done, but I want to make a complete transition."

And so, Shinta got on his bike and rode off after work.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and speak with us so frankly. We wish you luck in your future as a truck driver.

We'd like to hear your inspiring life stories and how you've managed to live and love as a transman.

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