What is flatOne?

When most people think of a nabeshirt, they think of underwear designed to flatten a feminine chest, with a large t-shirt or other shirt worn over it.

We wanted to break out of that mold and create something more versatile, more convenient, and ultimately more beneficial to nabeshirt users.

NABAY flatOne: this ain't no underwearSo, we went the next step and started the evolution of the nabeshirt. No longer are you simply confined to the NABAY style of undershirts.

We are pleased to offer you the 21st century version of the chest binder — flatOne.

Why did we create flatOne?

flatOne side viewWe thought about several problems our customers might encounter:

  • I live with my family, and don't want to draw any attention to my binder when I wash it;
  • I haven't come out to many people, and I don't want anyone to see my binder under my clothes;
  • Too many layers! I just want one shirt that I can easily change into and out of;
  • When I wear a running type nabeshirt, I get self-conscious about any puffiness under my arms.

We put our heads together and tried to figure out ways to make transitioning easier. And so, we put a shirt and a binder together, to make the all-in-one flatOne chest binder!

flatOne chest binder with a jacketFlatOne is a chest binder put together with a t-shirt to make an all purpose single piece of clothing that can be worn anywhere.

The t-shirt is a simple fabric with no design, so that you can coordinate with any style and not worry about having to match the rest of your clothes to your binder.

In addition, if you've found it difficult to put on and take off a normal binder, the extra amount of fabric in flatOne makes it much easier to do.

If you've ever felt too hot wearing your binder, flatOne comes in several styles so that you can accomodate the weather all year round.

All shirts come in Basic Black, and the sleeveless type comes in Royal Blue as well. All available in XS, S, and M sizes.

Sizes follow our standard sizing chart, so if you already know your NABAY binder size, you can order flatOne in the same size and know that you'll have a good fit.

†The special sizes XXS, L and XL are not available at this time.

‡Though the retail price is $82.50, if ordering along with our Bulk Purchase Rebate, flatOne shirts receive the same $7.79 discount per shirt as our regular NABAY chest binders.