What is a Nabeshirt?

NABE (nä bĕ) Jp. n.
1. an earthenware pot used to make Japanese stews and casseroles; the food made in such a pot;
2. <onabe> (ō nä bĕ) an FTM cross-dresser or transsexual; おなべ
NABESHIRT (nä bĕ' shərt) Jp. n.
an article of underclothing worn to flatten a feminine chest; ナベシャツ

In order to fight these all too common problems, we decided to design chest binding undergarments for those with gender dysphoria, also known as gender identity disorder (GID).

We saw the ways that people were currently binding themselves: with tape, binding vests, sports bras and such. And we saw how many problems arose with those methods.

Discomfort, pain, acne, overheating...

And so, we created NABAY: The Asiandrug Nabeshirt.

How is a Nabeshirt Different from Other Binders?

Extra Small
85cm (33½ in)
70cm (27½ in)
Cup size
C cup
155cm (5’1")
46kg (101 lbs)

Though designed with gender dysphoria in mind, we've found that our nabeshirts work great for anybody wanting a more masculine look. Whether to fight gynecomastia, or more simply, as costume clothing for role-playing, drag shows, costume events, or stage productions, NABAY is perfect!

A nabeshirt is a simple undergarment, much like a sports bra or undershirt, and made from nylon mesh to allow maximum breathability and comfort, even on hot summer days.

We've also designed our shirts with a fit tight enough to help prevent any slipping or falling out, and with a hem long enough to prevent riding up. We looked at some other binders, and we designed our nabeshirt pattern to avoid the use of zippers and adhesives as well.

With NABAY, you can take comfort in knowing that your binding will look natural and feel great.

  • Side view of an actual NABAY customer
  • Front view of an actual NABAY customer
  • Back view of an actual NABAY customer

NABAY Before and After

90cm (35½ in)
69cm (27 in)
Cup size
H cup
162cm (5’4")
52kg (114 lbs)

We received some before and after comparison pictures from one of our customers to better highlight the effectiveness of our NABAY binders.


  • Front view with no binderFront view with no binder
  • Front view with a binderFront view with binder
  • Side view with no binderSide view with no binder
  • Side view with a binderSide view with a binder