NABAY Rash Guard

Just in time for summer, we introduce our newest product, the NABAY Rash Guard!

If you've ever felt self conscious about your chest when going to the beach or the pool, and you can't wear or don't want to wear a female swimsuit, the NABAY Rash Guard will help set your mind at ease.

NABAY Chest Flattening Rash GuardThe NABAY Rash Guard will keep you cool, protected, and confident.

What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is a piece of clothing worn for work in the sun and water. It looks like a short-sleeved version of a wetsuit top, but is designed more for style and ease of movement.

Originally, surfers and jet-skiers needed something to protect their bodies from the water, from the sun, and from the wax used on their gear. A wetsuit is far too heavy and restrictive, so they invented the rash guard.

Since then, the look has gained popularity, even being used in other professional sports, due to the moisture wicking properties of the material.

NABAY Rash Guards

Now, our patterners have taken this look and adapted it to meet the needs of our customers. We've included an integral chest binder into the material of the rash guard, so that nobody will ever know.

We've also designed the lines in the shirt to downplay any feminine looking curves, leaving you with an active, masculine shape that you can be proud of.

The rash guard material is a thick, sponge-like material that stretches to fit your body like a second skin. Because of this, we've designed the rash guard based on binder sizes.

To find your NABAY Rash Guard size, visit our sizing pages and see which size is best for you.

† Sizes are only available in our standard selection of XS, S, and M sizes.

‡Though our rash guards are made on a per order basis, they are not custom tailored. In addition, shipment may take up to one (1) week.

You can order directly through our online shop.