What is SHINOBI?

SHINOBI (shĭ nōbē) n.
a member of a class of 14th-century Japanese mercenary agents who were trained in the martial arts and hired for covert operations; a ninja
< Jp. shinobi, fr. shinobu to hide, wait; 忍び >

Just like the shinobi of history, our SHINOBI height enhancing insole is meant to be unseen and unnoticed. It's an insole that we have designed to fit in your shoe, and then covered with a normal insole pad, so that nobody will ever notice that you are secretly adding height.

  • SHINOBI Height Enhancing Insoles by AsiandrugSHINOBI is an insole that has been broken up into seperate parts to allow it to fit almost any shoe. One size fits all!

  • A SHINOBI kit has eight (8) pieces that include:

    1. Two (2) cm heel × 2
    2. One (1) cm toe × 2
    3. One (1) cm heel × 2
    4. 1.5 cm toe lengthener × 2

SHINOBI Example Combinations

  • The Ultimate in foot enhancement. This will increase your height 3 cm and allow for a 1.5 cm lengthening of your shoes. Part B keeps your foot flat and avoids feeling like a high-heel.
  • The Basic. Adds 1cm to your height and a flat foot for sneakers and other flat-soled shoes.
  • Adds 2cm to your height.
  • Adds 3cm to your height and 1.5cm to foot length, and gives a sleek heel look for dress shoes.
  • Like number 4, adds 3cm to your height, but without the additional toe length.
  • Adds 1cm to your height and 1.5cm to your toe length.
  • Adds 3cm to your height and avoids feeling like a heel.

You can mix and match the parts to find the most comfortable fit for you!

Just cover SHINOBI with a fabric insole, and nobody will ever know it's there.