How to Wear a NABAY

The following are two methods of putting on a NABAY Chest Binder, as well as how to take it off. Check your size and see if it fits completely.

† In instances when the cupsize is D or greater, rather than creating a completely flat chest, there is the possibility of a pigeon chest.
However, in comparison with a standard compression vest, the non-slip function and all-around support is much greater.

‡ NABAY Chest binders may stretch a bit over time.
Body types and sizes differ for each person, so finding an exact fit may be quite difficult. If there are any questions or concerns regarding sizing, feel free to contact us for a consultation.
Upon first wear, you may feel concerned that your NABAY is an incorrect size, but they are made to be skintight and support your body like a structural coat.

Method One: Top Down
First, hold the chest binder in front of you and fold the hem over into thirds. Then, flip the bottom third inside out.
Next, put one arm through the armhole.
TIP: Put your arm through as far as you can to allow easier movement later.
Now, put the collar over your head.
After your head is comfortably through the collar, pull the shirt tight across and slide your free arm through the other armhole.
Before you pull the shirt flat, adjust the hem and make sure it's straight.
Pull the hem down across your midsection.
Adjust yourself evenly and naturally.

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Method Two: Bottom Up
First, put your legs through the collar of the shirt.
Pull the shirt up and place it appropriately across your midsection.
TIP: Make sure your chest and the chest section of the shirt line up evenly.
Put one arm through the armhole.
Continue by putting the other arm through.
Pull the shirt flat and adjust yourself for comfort and naturalness.

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Taking Off a NABAY Chest Binder
Put your arm through the armhole all the way up to the elbow.

Bring your hand down through the hem, and the pull the hem up above your shoulder.

Repeat for the other side.

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