Corporate Info

The following is an English version of an identifying document required by Japanese Trade Law to be exhibited on commercial websites.

Declaration of Specific Method of Trade Transactions (Restrictions on Door-to-Door Sales)
Corporate Name
General Manager
Office Manager
E-mail Sorry, English contact service is stopped now. If you can use Japanese, contact us with Japansese.
License Medical Supply Vending and Sales
Business Hours

Online Office 11:00 - 18:00 JST (excluding Sundays)

Shipping Charges Domestic Japanese orders have shipping charges included in the price.
International orders may incur additional charges.
Payment Methods For domestic orders, we use Sagawa Transport payment methods. Please pay the delivery person upon receipt.
For international orders, we use PayPal.
Additional Charges For domestic orders, we charge only the specified price in Japanese Yen.
For international orders, additional taxes or tariffs may apply.
Consumption Tax 5% Consumption Tax within Japan.
The procedure for calculating tax:
Tax added to the final tally of purchase.
Fractions less than one yen (¥1) are rounded up.
Statute of Limitations for Claims No time limit for making claims.
Delivery Times Please look at our separate delivery times page.
†These times only apply within Japan.
Management of Defective Goods

In the event of purchase of defective goods, we ask that, in addition to contacting us via email or telephone within seven (7) days of receipt, you also send back the goods. Shipping charges for the exchange of defective goods will be the responsibility of this company.
†Defective goods shall be known as goods which have noticeable fraying or tearing before use.
†We do not require any reason for the return of defective goods.
†We will exchange the defective goods with the same product in good condition.
†We cannot exchange goods when the date of contact has exceeded the seven (7) day time limit.
†The day of receipt shall be considered Day One.

Management and Limitations of Returned Goods

As a general rule, we do not accept returns and exchanges for non-defective goods, unless it is the customer's first purchase and you are exchanging the size. Additional shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

If the product is defective or suffers damage in transit, we will issue a replacement immediately. Additional fees will be the responsibility of the company.
In addition, please contact us via email or telephone within seven (7) days of original receipt.

†We cannot accept returns in the following circumstances:

  • The customer has stained or destroyed the product
  • Seven (7) or more days have passed since receipt

We reserve the right to refuse returns for any reason.

†For more information, please see our Returns & Exchanges policy.

Refusal of Receipt We are unable to accept refusal of receipt.
In the case of failure of delivery without contact, we will request damages equal in amount to the actual cost.
Handling of Personal Information

We have the utmost respect for our customers' privacy. We offer the following promises with regards to your personal information (Name, address, telephone number, email address, etc):

  • We will NEVER sell or trade your personal information to a third party for any reason
  • We will ONLY use your personal information for delivery and customer management purposes
  • There may be times in which we use your personal information for the improvement of customer service by collecting statistics from registered users as User Profile Data or for finding general sales statistics. In this circumstance, we will NEVER share any identifiable information with a third party.
Other In the case in which a lawsuit may occur between the customer and our company, the primary governing law shall be that of Tokyo District Court.
E-mail 只今英語でのお問い合わせは休止しております。
許認可 医薬品販売許可
営業時間 オンライン本店事務所11:00~18:00(日曜休)
送料 送料込みのお値段になっておりますので、送料はかかりません。
支払い方法 佐川急便の代金引換サービスをご利用下さい。商品お届けの際に配 達員に代金をお支払い下さい。
販売代金以外の必要料金 表示価格のみ頂いております。(なお、平成16年4月よりスタートした 「総額表示方式」に基づき、サイト内は消費税込みの価格を記載しております。)
消費税について 消費税率 5%
消費税計算順序 購入商品合計に対して消費税計算
1円未満消費税端数 四捨五入
申し込み有効期限 基本的に無制限です。
引渡し時期 配送のページをご覧下さい。
不良品の取扱 万が一不良品があった場合には商品到着後7日以内にEメール又は
返品の取扱及び返品期限 正常品の交換については、原則としてご容赦願います。

不良品および不手際、配送途中の破損などの事故がございましたら、 早急に新品を発送致します。この場合の交換にかかる一切の費用は、 当店が責任を持って負担いたしますので、着払いにてお送り下さい。
但し、必ずEメール又は電話連絡の後、商品到着後7日以内に弊社ま でお送りください。


受け取り拒否に関して 受け取り拒否は認めておりません。
商品配達時に事前の連絡もなく受け取り拒否があった場合損害額の 実費をご請求させて頂きます。
個人情報の取り扱い 個人情報の取り扱いについて、お客様により安心してご利用頂ける ようお客様情報(お名前・ご住所・電話番号・電子メールアドレス等)に ついて以下のことを厳守しております。
●また取り扱いに関しましても、商品発送業務と顧客管理業務以外に 使用する事はございません。
●弊社では、サイトの利便性向上のために、登録された個人情報を 集計し、ユーザープロフィールデータとして、その集計結果を利用することがあります。 この際にも、利用されるのは集計結果のみで、個人を特定するような情報が第三者に開示されることは一切ありません。
その他 お客様と弊社との間で訴訟の必要が生じた場合、東京地方裁判所を第一審の専属的な管轄裁判所とします。