International Invoice

NABAY International Invoice FormHow to Fill Out an International Mail Invoice:

  1. First, download an invoice form:
  2. In the SENDER box, write in your own name and address (marked in blue). Telephone and FAX numbers are optional. International Invoice SENDER Section
  3. Write the date you are sending the package in the date box. The airway bill number and terms of payment are not necessary. International Invoice DATE
  4. The addressee and remarks columns have already been filled out, so simply fill in your preferred mail carrier (UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc) as well as your city and country in the appropriate boxes. Filling out an international invoice
  5. Next, in the description of contents section, fill in how many shirts you are returning, the price of each type of shirt being sent (flatOne or regular type), and the total for each type. International Invoice Description of Contents
  6. In the TOTAL section, add up the total quantities for each column, as seen below.Invoice Totals
  7. Now, just fill in your name and country, then print your form. Invoice Signature
  8. On the final printout, sign your name at the bottom and you are done. Sign your invoice