ASIANDRUG Privacy Policy
• Our Privacy Policy concerns personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, etc, which we collect as part of operating a commercial website.
• (hereafter referred to as "The shop"), in order to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment, has a fixed policy regarding information we ask of you (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc) when you wish to make an online purchase. The shop will use your information for the purposes of conducting standard business transactions, and we promise that under no condition will we offer, give, or sell your private information to any third party.
Personal Information: The shop will collect your personal information as far as it is necessary for the delivery of your order. The shop will never ask any other personal or identifying information from you. The shop will manage your information for the purposes of future deliveries and mail correspondence, but will not share it with third parties.
Utilization of Personal Information: The shop must store your information for purposes regarding Specific Trade Transaction Method (Old Restrictions on Door-to-Door Sales), Unjustifiable Premiums, Misleading Representation Act and other legalities but pledge not to use it for any other purpose. The shop promises that there will never be an instance when we disclose registered users' information to a third party.
The shop will periodically gather all registered members' information and create a User Profile Data list for the purposes of updating and maintaining this website. In this instance as well, the shop will never disclose identifying information to any third party.
Disclosure to Outside Parties: There will be times when the shop must disclose some of the customer's personal information for the purposes of delivery and transport, or for financial transactions, or when conducting telephone consultations or fittings. No other third party will be privy to any identifying information.
The shop will not contact you via telephone or post, nor will we share your information with third party marketers.
With legitimate reason, the shop reserves the right disclose your information to others when necessary, such as a collection agency, attorney, or authorities in the case of delinquent payment. In this situation, we will notify you in advance.
Direct Mail: We pledge not to engage in any undesireable activities such as sending out unwanted mailings and unsolicited email to our past and current customers under any condition. The shop will inform customers of upcoming sales and events only in case you have elected to receive such mailings.
Information Security: In order to protect the security and privacy of our customers' private information, the shop manages personal information from an environment that can not be accessed from the outside.
Handling Private Information:

When purchasing through this site, the shop aheres to the following fundamental rules of not just protecting our customers' financial information, but also paying sufficent care to protect any personal or identifiable information:

  1. The shop recognizes the importance of our customers' privacy, and the shop will only use this information for the conduct of it's usual business affairs.
  2. The shop is organized technically and personally to ensure adequate measures to keep your information safe from unauthorized access, loss, damage, destruction, alteration or leakage.
  3. The shop observes information protection law as well as the Private Information Protection Compliance Program.
  4. The shop utilizes private information appropriately and, to improve compliance, will compare its use with the Compliance Program.
Conversion to Database: In order to offer more convenient service to customers, the shop converts private information to a database, and on no occasion will the information within that database be released to a third party without the consent of the customer.
In addition, the database is housed at a data center with 24-hour security management. Access to the database is restricted solely to our company or to a contractor with appropriate clearance.
If the customer requests, the shop will delete all personal information about said customer from the database.
Other: If a lawsuit between the shop and the customer occurs, legal jurisdiction is designated exclusively as Tokyo District Court First Court.