Sizing Chart

Reference the charts below to find an appropriate size for you.

If you don't know how to measure your chest, see our diagram on our measuring instructions.

If you have any concerns or hesitations about which size you should buy, please feel free to contact us.

Cup size Chart
  10 cm 12½ cm 15 cm 17½ cm 20 cm 22½ cm
Cup size A B C D E F

Now, find your underbust size in the chart below and combine it with your cup size to find your overall chest size.

E.g., underbust 74cm + topbust 86cm + cup size B = Chest Size B75

Chest Size Chart Based on Underbust or U.S. Bra Size Conversion
Chest size Underbust US Size   Chest size Underbust US Size
A65 62-67 30AA   A80 78-82 36AA
B65 30A   B80 36A
C65 30B   C80 36B
D65 30C   D80 36C
E65 30D   E80 36DD
F65     F80  
A70 68-72 32AA   A85 83-87 38AA
B70 32A   B85 38A
C70 32B   C85 38B
D70 32C   D85 38C
E70 32D   E85 38DD
F70     F85  
A75 73-77 34AA   C90 88-92 40B
B75 34A   D90 40C
C75 34B   E90 40DD
D75 34C   F90  
E75 34DD        
  • Topbust sizes have been rounded up to the nearest ½ centimeter.
  • Cupsizes are standardized. There may be discrepancies based on bodytype and bone structure.
Recommended Binder Size Based on Chest Size
Chest Size Loose Fit Strong Fit Chest Size Loose Fit Strong Fit
A65 XXS XXS   A80 S S
B65 XS XXS   B80 S S
C65 XS XS   C80 S S
D65 XS XS   D80 M S
E65 S XS   E80 M M
F65 S XS   F80 M M
A70 XS XS   A85 M S
B70 S XS   B85 M S
C70 S XS   C85 M M
D70 S S   D85 M M
E70 S S   E85 M M
F70 S S   F85 M M
A75 S XS   C90 M M
B75 S S   D90 M M
C75 S S   E90 L M
C75 S S   F90 L M
D75 S S   D95 L L
E75 S S   E95 L L
F75 S S   F95 L L
Unlisted Please contact us for a consultation

Indicates a special size that is usually in low stock and may take longer to process.

  • For safety reasons, we recommend LOOSE FIT for our fuller sized customers preferring a tighter fit.
  • Or, for our more petite customers wanting a LOOSE FIT, we recommend the STRONG FIT style.
  • This chart is standardized, and variations due to body shape and bone structure may occur.
  • Within a single size, there is no difference between LOOSE FIT and STRONG FIT. If the chart indicates a single size for both, the style is loose enough to allow movement yet strong enough to give support.
  • If there are any concerns about which size you should choose, please feel free to contact us.

Now that you have fully measured yourself, made some decisions about style and body type, and compared that with the chart below, you should go ahead and read the Customer Comments to see how others felt about the sizes and to help finalize your decision.